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as recommended and published by the

American Council on Gift Annuities Effective July 1, 2018

The rates are for ages at the nearest birthday.  For example, if you are 66 and 1/2 years old, your annuity rate will be the same as if you were 67.

For immediate gift annuities, these rates will result in a charitable deduction of at least 10% if the CFMR is 1.4% or higher and a quarterly payment frequency is used. If the CFMR is less than 1.4%, the deduction will be less than 10% when annuitants are below certain ages.

For deferred gift annuities with longer deferral periods, the rates may not pass the 10% test when the CFMR is low.

To avoid adverse tax consequences, CGA America may need to reduce the gift annuity rate to whatever level is necessary to generate a charitable deduction in excess of 10%.