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Yes, it is true! CGA America grants 100% of the residuum value of a charitable gift annuity contract to the charity of the donor’s choice. But how can it afford to do that?

First, gift annuity rates established by the American Council on Gift Annuities assume that upon the maturity of a contract that the organization will remove that asset from the CGA pool and spend those resources on other needs. It is equally prudent for CGA America to use those resources in support of its mission to help its partner charities, as well.

Second, CGA America is a valuable partner to many organizations. Consequently, it only makes sense to distribute the residual funds to help them fulfill their charitable purposes.

Finally, CGA America recognized a need in the philanthropic marketplace to assist other organizations in providing life-income options to their donors. The one-click charitable gift annuity was created to fill that need. Because of the extraordinary ease of this program, it has allowed CGA America to become a national leader in the philanthropic marketplace - both with charitable organizations and with the generous donors who support them.

                        PROGRAM PARAMETERS

Minimum Age: 60 years, or deferred first payment until 60

Minimum Gift Size: $10,000

Assets Accepted:  Cash or Marketable Securities

Annuities Offered:  Immediate, Deferred, or Flexible Deferred

Payment Frequency:  monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually (payments made at the end of the period)

Rates:  ONE LIFEand TWO LIFE annuity rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA)

Compliance:  Charitable Gift America is in full compliance in the states where it writes contracts. Charitable Gift America will not write a contract in the state of Washington. Check with us first to make sure we are able to make payments to your donors. 

Fees:  Charitable Gift America does not charge fees. Administrative fees will stay within the ACGA recommended fee of 1%. 

Residual Distribution:  100% of residuum of the contract distributed to the charity(s) of the donor's choice.

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