FAQ's for donors

Download the Disclosure Statement in .pdf format to review and share with donors and advisors.


-  100% residual value to donor's charity of choice.

-  Fast, easy, "one click" gift execution.

-  No fees charged by the charity.  

-  Administrative fee within ACGA recommendations

-  Immediate, deferred, & flex deferred payment options.

Legal Disclosures

A well-administered CGA program can become a cornerstone strategy to building your endowment fund.

Learn how CGA America can make supporting your favorite charities simple, quick, and surprisingly uncomplicated.

Learn details about how the program works to benefit donors and the charities they wish to support.

Make sure to read and download all of the information to provide to your personal legal, financial, and tax advisors.

About CGA America

OUR gIFT pLANNING CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – From local charities to wall street. 

Our professional staff of gift planners and administrators collectively hold decades of experience in promoting, executing, and administering sophisticated charitable gift annuity programs and other complicated gift transactions.  Thomas Mitchell & Associates, the administrative partner for our program, currently manages more than $45 million in charitable gift annuity assets. 

FAQ's for charities


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